The objectives of my website are as follows:

  1. Completion of a project for my Digital Marketing course,
  2. My enjoyment, I wanted to blog about a topic that is of great interest to me,
  3. Help me gain employment and
  4. Help others who are learning about digital marketing.

The Target Market:

My target market is those who are interested in digital marketing, working in the area and those who are just starting to learn all about it. Essentially this makes my target audience males and females from the age 18 upwards with an interest in Digital Marketing. I am aware that this is a broad target market but I feel that it cannot be narrowed down further.

Key Performance Indicators:

The KPIs I would use to measure the success of the blog is the number of likes, comments and shares that the blog posts get. The number of views and visitors the blog gets and how many different countries it has received visits from are other KPIs that I would use to see how successful it is.

Keywords Research

I created a list of 13 words – which you can see in the table below under the heading Search Terms – and used the Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool to see what phrases have the highest volume of searches and are most relevant to my website goals and target audience.

Search Terms Average Monthly Searches Competition Suggested Bid
Digital Marketing 1K – 10k Medium €4.41
Content Marketing 100 – 1k Medium €4.16
Online Marketing 100 – 1k Medium €4.02
Internet Marketing 100 – 1k Low €2.20
Target Market 100 – 1k Low
Content is King 10 – 100 Low
Online Marketing Strategies 10 – 100 Low €4.59
SEO Content 10 – 100 Medium €5.38
Digital Marketing Blog 10 – 100 Low €2.87
Digital Marketing Campaigns 10 – 100 Low
Content Marketing Blog 10 – 100 Low
Why Content is King 10 – 100
Choosing Content

Below are screen grabs I took of my Keyword Research using the Snipping Tool.


Keywords Planner Snipping 1
The first half of my Keyword Research

Keywords Planner Snipping 2
The second half of my Keyword Research
As you can see the phrases Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Online Marketing have the highest monthly searches and all three have medium competition. They have the most relevance to my websites content, goals and target audience.

I have optimised my first blog: Why Content is King when it comes to Digital Marketing with the three phrases Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Online Marketing.