On this page, I shall just be discussing the brief for my website under numerous relevant headings.

Reasons for the blog:

I created this blog for an assignment for my Certificate in Digital Marketing course that I am doing in Cork Institute of Technology. The reason I chose to do a Digital Marketing blog is because it is an area of great interest to me and I knew I would enjoy creating a blog based on this subject.

I am currently seeking employment in digital marketing and I am hoping that showcasing this blog will help me gain employment.

I also want my blog to help others who are learning about digital marketing.

Type of site:

My site is a blog. I made it easy as possible to navigate whilst still maintaining a professional look and feel.

Target Audience.

My target audience is those who are interested in digital marketing, working in the area and those who are just starting to learn all about it. Essentially this makes my target audience males and females from the age 18 upwards with an interest in Digital Marketing. I am aware that this is a broad target market but I feel that it cannot be narrowed down further.

Domain Name:

My domain name is: https://bredasdigitalmarketing.wordpress.com/

I chose this domain name because it is what the blog is called, it informs the reader that the site is about digital marketing. It is very precise and to the point in my opinion.

Hosting Package:

I would use Blacknight Hosting Minimus Solution because it is an entry level shared hosting package. The main reasons I chose this hosting package is because it is perfect for a blog and it is very reasonably priced at €4.95 a month.


My website has four pieces of functionality, search function, twitter widget where readers can follow my digital marketing account. Readers can also like, comment and share blog posts. I also added a follow button widget, readers can follow the blog by just pressing this button.

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KPIs used to measure success:

The KPIs I would use to measure the success of the blog is the number of likes, comments and shares that the blog posts get. The number of views and visitors the blog gets and how many different countries it has received visits from are other KPIs that I would use to see how successful it is.

USPs what makes my blog special or different from the rest:

What makes my blog unique is that I am not claiming to be a digital marketing expert, I am just blogging as I learn. I am writing about what I learn as I learn it from what I was thought in lectures to the knowledge I gained from completing essays, projects and the live assignments where I worked with companies for projects. My blog shows Digital Marketing through fresh eyes to the area.

Competitor Analysis:

My main competitors would be:

  1. The Moz Blog is known as one of the best digital marketing blogs there is. They are well established and have been in business since 2004. The main difference is that they are a company with a team of writers and they offer products to companies, whereas with my blog there is only me, my site has no e-commerce section and is only about a month old.
  2. Content Marketing Institute, now whilst they concentrate on content marketing more so than digital marketing as a whole, they still offer some of the best advice on how content can help a brand, which I also blog about. They offer blogs, podcasts, events and training etc. whereas I write my blog on WordPress. They are a business with a team of writers whereas, once again my blog is just me.
  3. Marketing Land, they produce high-quality content on digital marketing and also blog about industry news. Their posts are informative and relevant. However, their website needs work it is busy and cluttered looking whereas mine is neat and easier to navigate. They also like the other two, well established company with a team of writers whereas mine is new, there is only me and it’s non-commercial. 

Description of style:

I like to think of my blog website as easy to navigate, unlike Marketing Lands which as I just mentioned is very cluttered. Mine is very clean and neat and my blogs can be found easily through the use of categories and tags in the sidebar, however, Content Marketing Institute does have this feature on their website but I found it to be not as neat as mine. I believe my blogs to be a good mixture of text and image, I like to think I break up the text nicely with different relevant images. However, I found some of the Moz Blogs to be very text heavy and they could really do with breaking up blocks of text with relevant images as I did in my blog posts.